Reinvented Universal Terrain Pattern

December 17, 2018 by requirementsgroup0


patent pending

The Requirements Group (TRG) is proud to announce the release of its new camouflage pattern.  

For the past several months, the tactical experts behind the most elite Canadian military and tactical brand “Shadow” have been working closely with operational personnel from various regions in order to redesign the existing UTP pattern.

With changes in operational environments due to natural and manmade evolution over time, patterns that has been around for years becomes less effective.  As a professional tactical company, The Requirements Group is always assessing the current demands for operational gear in order to evolve with natural and technological changes.  Providing updated designs and technology for operational personnel.

The new version of the Universal Terrain Pattern takes the classic functionality of this camouflage pattern and adapts it for today’s environments.   It has been designed for use in the forests of Canada to the wide range of vegetation and terrain of Africa, and elsewhere around the world.

Production of the products in the new pattern has already commenced and will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

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