The Requirements Group

The Requirements Group (TRG) is a law enforcement veteran owned and operated company.  Based in Canada and the Netherlands, we are one of the fastest growing tactical, sports and outdoors kit manufacturers.

With years of experience in active duty, we know the demands of your environment.  We know the expectations and requirements of your kit.


We are fortunate enough to have on our team, veteran and active front line police and military operators who help design and test the kit you wear and trust.  As well as expert search & rescue (SAR) technicians testing the load bearing and rigging components of our kit.


Having our own factory allows us to source and manufacture our products the way they are meant to be.  Having the ability to regulate strict quality control is what sets us apart. As well as reducing production costs by not outsourcing to third party factories passes on the savings to you.

Our factory is ISO certified.  ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015


Yet another benefit we have by owning our own factory is the ability to create custom kit.  From customized agency uniforms to mission specific kit and even custom camouflage patterns, we will work with your agency step by step from conceptualization, to testing, to deployment of kit.


We also offer tactics and weapons training for both agency and civilian teams.  Our accredited instructors are able to provide training and insights to customers from a variety of backgrounds.  From beginner student to operational tactical units, our team is prepared to work with you to provide the training solution you are looking for.


Our team of experts have worked on dozens of television and Hollywood productions.  From production design, to tactical consulting.