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If you are interested in carrying our products, we would love to hear from you.  We currently work with three different types of partners

  1. Agency Partners for tenders
  2. Retail Partners
  3. Online Store Partners

We have offices and warehouses in Canada, United States, Pakistan & Netherlands to serve our partners worldwide in the fastest ways possible.

Please fill out the dealer registration form on this page and we will get back to you within 5 business days to set up your account if you are approved.

As Canada’s leading tactical & outdoors manufacturer, we stand by our word:

  • All of our products are produced at our own factory
  • We have very strict quality control
  • Warehousing in Canada, United States, Pakistan & Netherlands
  • We have the ability to customise kit for large teams
  • Our online dealer portal allows you to easily order stock
  • You get 100% profit margin on almost all products
  • We carry the highest military grade materials
  • No requirement for minimum orders as a dealer
  • We do not compete with our dealers, this means that we do not sell directly to the public

If you experience any problems with the registration form, please email us directly:

Please keep file under 2MB. JPEG or PNG files only.

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Dealer Portal Account

Once approved, we will set up your account on our Dealer Portal and send you instructions so that you can browse our products and order your stock. The Dealer Portal is also where you find our price lists, colour choices, size charts and marketing material.
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